The renderings and sketches, and interior decorations, finishes, fixtures and furnishings shown therein, are provided for purposes of illustration only and should not be relied upon as representations of the final scale or detail of the proposed improvements. Sponsor reserves the right to make substitutions of materials, equipment, finishes and fixtures. Views will vary depending on building wing, building level, and the viewer’s location and orientation within the Unit. Sponsor makes no representation with respect to future construction in the neighborhood surrounding the building or that any such construction will not result in the obstruction of the views from any windows and/or terraces within the buildings. The floor plans and interior dimensions, measurements, square footage calculations, and other information that may be shown thereon are only approximations. Allowances for construction tolerance and variances among units must be verified by the Purchaser for each individual unit. Any Purchaser who is concerned about any representations regarding the floor plans should do Purchaser’s own investigation as to the dimensions, measurements, square footage, and other information pertaining to the Unit. Actual interior layouts (including window configurations) may vary.